Saturday, April 18, 2009

Roman Catholic Church symbolism and pictures for pagan religions symbolism

Roman Catholic Church symbolism and pictures for pagan religions symbolism.

Comparing these pictures becomes clearly into view the same kind doctrine construction between Roman Catholic Church and pagan religions. RCC is like pagan museum and not real church of God:

In Vatican is Saint Peter's Square. To the square has been described eight-rayed sun wheel design, which is paganism symbol. In the middle of the sun wheel is large Egyptian obelisk.

Saint Peter's Square is dedicated to paganism worship of the sun. Figures of the sun wheel and obelisk were to Romans familiar symbols and each of them knew, that they are paganism service of god (idols). Because Catholic Church of Rome has qualified these symbols to their church, it is proof about that the church of Rome worships idols and not God of the Bible. For all kinds of service of idols and idol statues and symbols are forbidden about those who believe, that the Bible is the word of God.

In Babylon pine cone described fertility and also regeneration power of Tammuz. In Vatican is world's largest pine cone sculpture. This sculpture locates in the court of pine. Roman Catholic Church very openly follows pagan idol worshipping by using pagan symbols.

Roman Catholic serpent crosier of the bishops and high church officials. RCC says that this crosier is shepherd's staff. The fact is that Babylonian priest and Roman high priest Pontifex Maximum used serpent crosiers.

It is very clear that real servant of God doesn't use pagan serpent crosiers, because serpent represents satan in the Bible. It is very obvious that evil spirits dominate RCC and effect openly idol worshipping through pagan symbols.

Dagon fish-sun cult worshipper wearing fish head mitre. When you compare Babylonian fish head mitre with RCC Pope's mitre, so you see that they are identical with ancient Babylonian fish head mitre. The Bible denies that servant of God can't imitate or live after traditions and ordinances of pagan nations, because those traditions and ordinances are idol worshipping.

It is very clear that real servant of God doesn't use fish head mitres. In Babylon and other pagan cultures religious leaders (priests) wore fish head mitres. In Babylon they believed that god is wearing the fish head hat in his head. Worshipping of fish god Dagon was very common Medo-Persia, Egypt, Assyria and Rome. Roman Catholic Church adopted fish head mithra (mitre) for Babylon religion. Dagon; Dag=fish and On= sun.

Symbols of RCC show us that RCC is deeply fallen into idol worshipping.


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